Jason Rivas on Cooking Inspiration

This is the second half of an interview with Jason Rivas.

Jason answers a couple of questions about his inspiration as a chef.

Who might be your Chef Idol?

I idolize Gordon Ramsay and if given the chance I would give anything to work with him.

I first learned of Ramsay during the first season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ and at first I did not think much of him.  In fact, I thought he was a crock, “no proper chef would act that way.”  As time went on I learned more about who Ramsay was and more about who ‘FOX’ made him out to be.

I have learned that Ramsay is a “bad man”, talented, skilled, extremely knowledgable and yes passionate.  You have to be passionate in this industry or you will just be a dishwasher for the rest of your life.  Yes, he is loud, dirty and at times rude, but truth be told he jut gives it to them straight.

“I give it to them straight and dirty, cause straight and dirty sticks.” – G.S. Patton

What’s your inspiration in the kitchen?

“Thank you!” Although passion is my main drive, I too have mentors.  If ever given the chance to meet some of them, just a very simple, humble “thank you” would come out.

I had the chance to meet Jamie Oliver at his Restaurant Fifteen in London once.  When the chance came and I was able to speak to him(in my naiveness) I asked, “Why did you build your restaurant here?”  After his answer I realized I had a huge misconception of things and was insulting.  Before I left, though, I did get another chance to say “thank you” for EVERYTHING.

My mentors are just a wealth of knowledge, I truly don’t believe it would be possible to learn all I wish with one moment or one question.  However, all my mentors are family men, so one question does loom…”How do you balance being a devoted family man, while at the same time stay devoted to the craft?”…something I am still trying to figure out.

Thank you Jason for sharing both your off hours exploits and what motivates and drives you in the kitchen.
Jason has a blog with recipes, wisdom, and even a few photos of his creations – dinnerbyjr.
I couldn’t pass up the chance to share a couple of food pictures Jason sent along.
Pork Boliche over Estate Vegetable

Pork Boliche over Estate Vegetable


Chili Rubbed Beef Brisket

Chili Rubbed Beef Brisket

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